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22-Oct-2017 03:18

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PCI-device: [email protected], glm0 glm0 is /[email protected],600000/[email protected] sd4 at glm0: target 0 lun 0 sd4 is /[email protected],600000/[email protected]/[email protected],0 root on /[email protected],600000/[email protected]/[email protected],0:a fstype ufs pcisch1 at root: SAFARI 0x1e 0x600000 pcisch1 is /[email protected],600000 PCI-device: [email protected], ebus0 ebus0 is /[email protected],600000/[email protected] mc-us3i0 at root: SAFARI 0x0 0x0 …

METACLUSTER=SUNWCuser NAME=End User System Support DESC=A pre-defined software configuration consisting of the typical software required by end-users running a desktop. You can alternately use this method to determine the primary submirror. For example: devfsadm: mkdir failed for /dev 0x1ed: Read-only file system (don’t worry about this message) # * At this point meta commands are now functional *metastat will will show the root mirror "Needs maintenance" 5) Unmount the submirror the OS is now under SVM and you can perform any action you want if you want to fsck the metadevice, cd /, umount /a and run fsck /dev/md/rdsk/d0 if you have to update boot archive — remount metadevice to /a 9) Recreate the boot_archive using the force option (-f) forced update of archive requested cannot find: /a/etc/cluster/nodeid: No such file or directory cannot find: /a/etc/mach: No such file or directory Creating boot_archive for /a updating /a/platform/sun4u/boot_archive 15 0 records in 15 0 records out # *Process complete # cd / # umount /a 10) Reboot to the mirrored environment # reboot OR init 0 to boot from OK prompt ok boot -sv SC Alert: Host System has Reset Chassis Serial Number xxxxxxxxx Sun Fire T200, No Keyboard Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. Open Boot 4.30.4, 32640 MB memory available, Serial #80469064. Boot device: /[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected] File and args: -sv / ERROR: /packages/ufs-file-system: Last Trap: Division by Zero ok System has OS on mirrored zpool.