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T-Ball 2018 at the Academy 1st & 2nd Grade Baseball and Softball 2018 Grades 3-8 Recreation Baseball/Softball 2018 Good evening, Happy New Year, and welcome to the Borough of Essex Fells’ Re-Organizational meeting of 2018. You all have just earlier witnessed an amazing event.An event that separates our free, democratic world from all others and an event that did not take place on the world’s stage, but rather right here in the beloved Borough of Essex Fells: the democratic transference of “the power of the people.” Just now, Edward Davis, John King, and BJ D’Avella took an oath of office that said that they swear that they will “support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New Jersey; and that they will “bear true faith an allegiance to the same” - and here’s the most important thing – “under the authority of the people.” “Under the authority of the people” – that’s you good people."We want to do everything we can to help residents with disabilities in Essex County maintain their independence and quality of life and the Personal Assistant Services Program is one way we are able to connect them with the support they need," he added. invites children and adults to visit the Environmental Center where they can enjoy an enriching recreational experience through nature and conservation activities.A variety of programs are being offered at the Essex County Environmental Center during the month of December that will teach children and adults about nature and help them gain a greater appreciation and understanding of our environment. “Our Environmental Center has become the premiere location for environmental education and nature appreciation.

What better way to ring in the New Year than getting together with your friends to achieve that fitness resolution. We provide transportation for appointments within Essex, with exceptions to a few satellite locations in Williston and Colchester.We have all sworn to it, and it is something that we do not ever take lightly.