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Aster Spring origin of beauty, being one of Asia’s largest skin care centre networks, their therapists are highly trained to deliver exceptional services and… Fmart to Open 100 Stores In Malaysia Halal is among the fastest growing industry in the world.With countries now competing to become hubs for the Islamic economy, the Halal industry is coming into renewed focus. Au Coco/Chakri Catering Since Imperial Chakri Palace first opened its doors in 6th April 1999, we have been providing the best experience of authentic fine Thai cuisine in KL with our highly skilled…Academy of Rock Academy of Rock is the pioneer and only music school in Singapore dedicated to teaching rock and popular music.We are about serious fun, with teachers who are internationally accredited…In addition to manufacturing cater to the demand of…ASK EDUCATION HUB We are an education hub providing enrichment programs to schools.They help the owners of small and medium sized businesses…Adam Khoo AKLC is the leading education brand that uses accelerated learning, multi-sensory teaching and whole brain integration to help students (age 7-16) achieve top grades in English, Maths, Science and…

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Apple Hotel Franchise Business Opportunity The first impression most people have of owning a hotel is very expensive.

Apple Hotel brand has been growing aggressively thanks to its strong partnership with budget airlines. Aqua Nano Aqua Nano franchised outlet are unlike any other laundry shop.