Sedating italian greyhounds

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Brush every other day for only mediocre dental heath.Brush every 3 days and you WILL get tartar formation.There is no magic number to this limit: Some people can't manage to care for the teeth of one IG and some have no problem caring for the daily dental needs of 7-10 IGs.(This number The general rule of thumb is this: Brush DAILY for excellent oral health.As the adult teeth become fully erupted you can start gently wiping them with a moistened gauze pad.I don't advise waiting for all of the adult teeth to be fully and completely in before starting dental care because I have seen several IGs that had to have adult incisors pulled at one year of age.Causes can be due to a number of issues occurring while the the teeth are developing, such as: distemper, trauma and inflammation of the permanent tooth bud, systemic infections, massive parasite infection, endocrine problems and excessive fluoride in the drinking water.

Your local pet supply store might have what you need just be sure that the paste isn't a "tasty" beef or poultry flavour.The first several times you miss a 3rd day of brushing the tartar won't be visible but it darken.Brush for a few minutes each day, alternating between Maxi Guard (or another unflavoured or mint flavor canine toothpaste) and a canine oral solution containing .12% chlorhexidine (an antibacterial agent) like Enzadent.Your IG doesn't have to love this procedure but must learn to accept it. Do not attempt the training if you are feeling frustrated or impatient.

Start training your dog as adult teeth become fully erupted.This will only encourage the dog to lick a lot, making efficient brushing more difficult.

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