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At UCL, Professor Fedtke was for many years involved in the admission of students and the development of academic ties with universities in Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

He was Director of the Institute of Global Law from 2002 to 2008.

Probably after a few decades, pits began to be dug outside the enclosure, in the middle part of the 38thcentury cal BC.

Both ditches probably went out of use in the mid-37thcentury cal BC, probably simultaneously, after the burning of the rampart between them, and the ending of the external pits could be of the same date; the internal pits might have continued a little longer.

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It is not known when these short works were collected and transferred to a single scroll, but the first extra-biblical evidence we have for the Twelve as a collection is c.In the Hebrew Bible, these works were counted as one book.The works are commonly studied together, and are consistently ordered in Jewish, Protestant and Catholic Bibles as: In the Roman Catholic Church, the twelve minor prophets are read in the Lectionary during the fourth and fifth weeks of November, which are the last two weeks of the liturgical year.The collection is broken up to form twelve individual books in the Christian Old Testament, one for each of the prophets.

The terms "minor prophets" and "twelve prophets" can also refer to the twelve traditional authors these works.Excavated extensively in 1986–1987, the Klingenberg enclosure has two ditches across a loess promontory, traces of a palisade inside the inner ditch, remains of burnt superstructure in both ditches, numerous pits both inside and outside, and numerous dog remains.

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