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I owe a great debt of gratitude to the Librarian of Imperial College, Mr Adrian Whitworth, for housing the project during the last five years and for the kindness shown to me and my helpers by him and his staff. Usually, the numerals are followed by capital letters, succeeded where necessary by lower case letters, but in the earlier periods and most of the oriental civilizations where there is a small amount of general material preceding the subject section the numerals are followed by lower case letters and these codes file before those in which the numerals are followed by capitals. Standard bibliographical abbreviations are used in the entires. "My thanks are due to my assistants, Mrs Felicity Secretan, Mr Frank James and Mrs Gunnel Ingham, the last in particular for her help in the preparation of the Index. "Abbreviations used for periodicals will be found on pages xv–xci of Volume 3. Here I want to confine myself to mention those who supported the project financially in the production of Volumes 4 and 5, or from whose assistance I specially benefited in the work on these Volumes, although I am also greatly indebated to all those whose help I acknowledged in the introductions to Volumes I and 2 and Volume 3, since without their assistance the project could never have been realized. Similarly, although earth sciences has a two letter code FZ, meteorology is represented by G. I am grateful to the History of Science Society, the sponsors of the project, particularly Professor John C. "The codes are arranged first in the order of the numerals (on the decimal principle), then in alphabetical order of capital letters and thirdly in alphabetical order of the lower case letters.

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Their ancient history is included among the ancient civilizations in the Near East and in mediaeval times most of them are classed under Islam (54), but when treated generally over all periods they are classed under Western Asia (32). The arrangement of subjects is the same under each period section and folows that used in Volume 3 (Subjects); a list of main subject headings used in this volume, together with a list of form and aspect subdivisions follows.

Here it is only necessary to say a word on the order of civilizations and periods. Azimutpendelungen der Fixsterne und die Überlieferung.

The arrangement of subjects and aspects is the same under each period section and follows that used in volume 3 (Subjects).

"All material on mediaeval Latin Europe is included in the section on the Middle Ages (5), Subdivisione are: Byzantium (52), Armenia (53), Islam (54) and Jewish Mediaeval culture in the Islamic world (55). Having found the code or classmark (a sequence of numbers and letters) in the index, the user should turn to the body of the Bibliography. Oxford: Clarendon Press, Vertebral lesions in the sabretooth, pleistocene of California, resembling the so-called myositis ossificans progressiva, compared with certain ossifications in the dinosaurs. Deals with the technical progress achieved in prehistoric times, the state of development of the sciences in ancient Egypt, Babylonia, Vedic India and China, and the Greek Alexandrian and the Roman sciences. Which contains all manner of symbols used from the earliest times to the Middle Ages by primitive peoples and early Christians.

In section 58 is classed material that refers to both the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The code in the left-hand upper corner of each page is the classmark of the first item on the page, whereas that in the right-hand upper corner refers to the last item. (Studies in Paleopathology, 20) Das Weib in der Natur- und Völkerkunde, Anthropologische Studien, neu bearbeitet und herausgegeben von Ferd.

In the earlier periods and oriental civilizations a brief general section notated by the digits indicating them followed by the aspect subdivisions precedes the arrangement by subject.

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