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22-Oct-2017 20:14

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And therein lies the story of much of our culture during the past decades.

Actually, the roasts didn’t even come out of Hollywood, but from the even cozier show-business world of New York theater, which populated the Friars’ NYC headquarters.

Instead, the events take on targets so easy they come with their own punchlines tattooed on their foreheads.

The roasts have become a comedy rendition of an Us Weekly cover, spewing outrage at celebrity misdeeds, all the while building them up as the obsession of the month. If something is funny, it doesn’t have to explain itself.

Under the aegis of Dean Martin in the 1970s, the private rite became a public spectacle, broadcast on NBC sporadically from 1973 to 1984.

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The first event featured a night devoted to actor-comic Denis Leary being mocked by funny people Jim Breuer, Jeff Garlin, Conan O’Brien, and Colin Quinn, with oddballs Doctor Dre, Gina Gershon, and Christopher Walken creating a bit of off-kilter interest.

By sitting and gamely laughing along as the roasting panel took their best shots at his drug history, his spousal abuse, the damage inflicted upon his children, Sheen robbed his rap sheet of its power.

Laughing along with the jokesters, he showed that it’s all just a big shtick—the self-destruction and broken lives in its wake.

A good joke trumps all ethics and standards, which is why comedy can push into areas considered taboo in normal conversation.

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However, if one sees a mob laughing uproariously at a homeless person vomiting on himself in the streets, one is entitled to ask, what the hell is wrong with that mob that they find this funny?

Of course, many will protest that Charlie Sheen is no victim here.