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03-Sep-2017 11:27

"She's absolutely devastated by what she's been involved in," the Rev. (In a sad irony, the mayor's chief press secretary is in rehab after pleading guilty last month to bashing his wife's head through a window in a drunken rage.Kilpatrick stuck by him, refusing to fire or demote him.)The mayor's attempt to spin his dalliance and denial as a long-ago love affair he now regrets does not appear to be gaining him much sympathy.

"He's put Detroit's national image in the gutter."You might think this down-on-it-wheels city of nearly 1 million people didn't have that far to fall, given the economic wreckage left by its sputtering signature industry.

"He was as gregarious and engaging as ever, but that was last week."What does Kilpatrick have to say for himself? He's been in seclusion since the news broke, skipping out on an important U. After the media flushed him out down there, he returned to Detroit, but hasn't emerged to face the legion of lenses outside his front door.

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